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KH1508A 8-port Cat 5 High-Density KVM Switch

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The KH1508A KVM switches are control units that allow IT administrators to access and control multiple computers from a single PS/2 or USB KVM console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse). Operators can take control of up to 8 computers. By daisy chaining up to 31 additional switches, as many as 256 computers can be controlled from the original KVM console.

KH1508A KVM switches | asp-automation | industrial pc

KH1508A KVM switches | asp-automation | industrial pc

These switches have been designed with unique and powerful features that enable administrators to manage their entire server room and data center devices easily and conveniently.
For example, the advanced Adapter ID feature stores the Adapter Cable's configuration information – such as its ID, port name, OS, keyboard language, etc. This feature allows administrators to relocate servers to different ports without having to reconfigure the adapters . Other advances found with these switches includes enhanced video quality – extending the distance to the servers to up to 50 m* at a resolution of 1280 x 1024.

A KH1508A installation provides one of the best, and most economical, solutions ATEN offers to the SMB market. There is no better way to save time, space, and money than with a KH1508A KVM switch.

*With KVM Adapter Cable KA7000 series.

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TFT Fanless Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900

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15" XGA TFT Fanless Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 | asp-automation.com

  • 15" XGA (1024 x 768) color TFT LCD display with LED backlight
  • Fanless cooling system with Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 4C @ 2.0/2.42 (Burst) GHz CPU
  • Ultra slim design: thickness 54.6 mm
  • Super light weight: 3.2 kg
  • Easy for expansion: PCIe Mini Card slots
  • Supports panel mount and optional wall mount/VESA arm mount/desktop stand (optional)
  • Supports RFID (optional)
  • Over-current protection fuse

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The GOT5152T-834 supports the new Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 (formerly codename Bay Trail-D) with 15" XGA TFT LCD. It offers industrial grade color TFT LCD panel with 400nits brightness. The fanless design and waterproof enclosure (IP65-rated front panel) allow panel PC to offer high reliability and endure severe environments. This compact panel PC also has slim and light design and offers low-power consumption, rich I/O connections, and optional wireless (3G/GPRS and Wi-Fi) connections. The GOT5152T-834 is a excellent human machine interface (HMI) platform for applications in shopping center and supermarket as a self-service kiosk and factory and building automation fields. 

Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

Computer HMI WebOP-2100T

[RTOS] 10.1 WSVGA Operator Panel with WebOP Designer Software
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HMI produk Advantech | asp-automation.com
  • Various LCD sizes (4.3", 5.6", 7", 8", 10.1")
  • Supports ARM9-based CPUs with 200MHz and 128MB flash memory
  • Supports RTC, battery backup RAM, and Ethernet-based operator panels
  • Supports runtime data downloads through Serial, Ethernet, USB
  • Supports adjustable brightness controls via touch panel
  • Reliable firmware for 24/7 operation
  • Supports Windows XP/7/Vista-based WebOP Designer development tool
  • Easy to switch one application to different LCD sizes in seconds
  • Supports vertical and horizontal application screen rotation
  • Supports over 300 PLC industrial communication protocols
  • Communicates with up to four types of devices
  • Panel mounting for machinery
  • Front panel is IP66 compliant

Advantech IPC-510

Advantech IPC-510 is a 4U height IPC rackmount chassis for ATX motherboards.

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asp-automation.com | IPC industrial computer indonesia
Produk asp-automation | IPC computer Advantech

The IPC-510 industrial computer chassis is designed as core building blocks
for mission-critical applications and offers overall best price/performance.

IPC-510 is shockproof and has has easily installed front accessible drive
bays, three half-height 5.25", one 3.5" FDD and , one internal 3.5" HDD
and front accessible USB & K/B connector.

For high-density applications, IPC-510 supports versatile motherboards and PS/2 power supply options.

IPC-510 is a rack-optimized IPC chassis and offers the best total cost
ownership and scalability for customers who want to grow their business
without increased cost.

A wide range of standard computing peripherals can be integrated with the chassis to meet different application development under mission-critical environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


24 Month Return to Base Warranty


  • Supports ATX Motherboard up to 12" x 9.6" form factor
  • Takes standard PS/2 Power Supply
  • Easy installation front accessible disk drive bays to hold
  • three half-height drives, one 3.5" FDD and one internal
  • 3.5" disk drive
  • Front accessible USB & PS/2 keyboard connector for
  • data transfer
  • Designed to withstand environmental extremes, such as
  • shock, vibration and high temperature


Drive Bay Size (Front Accessible, Internal)5.25" 3 0 3.5" 1 1
Operating Temperature0 - 40°C
Non-Operating Temperature* -20 ~ -40°C
Vibration (5-500Hz) Operating1 Grms
Vibration (5-500Hz) Non-Operating2G
Shock Operating10G
Shock Non-Operating30G
Altitude Operating10,000ft
Altitude Non-Operating40,000ft
Acoustic noiseLess than 60dB sound pressure at 5 - 28 C
Cooling Fan x 1 (84-CFM)
I/O InterfacesUSB x 2 (Front)
PS/2 x 1
MiscellaneousD-Sub 9pin x 2
Front panel power and HDD LED's, Rear Panel Indicator
Dimensions482x177x450mm (WxHxD)
Weight 9.8kg

Kamera Security untuk Industrial

Kamera Industri Vacron

Vacron | asp-automation

 Kamera Industri biasanya dikhususkan untuk suhu yang tinggi seperti di dalam pabrik, tahan goncangan. Kami berpengalaman dalam mengerjakan ini. Hubungi kami untuk penawaran anda disini

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Komputer IPC

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Inter-Process Communication (IPC) atau Komunikasi antar proses adalah cara atau mekanisme pertukaran data antara satu proses dengan proses lainnya, baik itu proses yang berada di dalam komputer yang sama, atau komputer jarak jauh yang terhubung melalui jaringan. IPC terdiri atas protokol yang menjamin sebuah respons dari sebuah permintaan. Contoh dari IPC adalah Socket dalam sistem operasi keluarga UNIX, message dalam sistem operasi RISC OS, port dalam sistem operasi Mach, Named Pipe dalam OS/2, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) dalam sistem operasi Windows, SPX dalam sistem operasi Novell, IAC dalam sistem operasi Apple Macintosh (khususnya AppleEvents) dan beberapa komponen perangkat lunak seperti CORBA atau Component Object Model (COM).
Meskipun IPC secara otomatis dilakukan oleh program, sebuah fungsi yang sama juga dapat dilakukan secara interaktif ketika pengguna melakukan operasi copy-cut-paste dari satu proses ke proses lainnya dengan menggunakan clipboard.

industrial computer-advantech-asp-automation.com

Beberapa jenis IPC yang disediakan oleh sistem operasi dapat disatukan dalam tabel berikut
Metode Sistem Operasi/Lingkungan
File Semua sistem operasi mendukung metode ini
Signal Semua sistem operasi
Pipe Semua sistem operasi yang mendukung standar POSIX
Named pipe Semua sistem operasi yang mendukung standar POSIX
Shared memory Semua sistem operasi yang mendukung standar POSIX
Message passing Digunakan dalam paradigma Message Passing Interface (MPI), Java RMI, CORBA, atau lainnya
Memory map Semua sistem operasi yang mendukung standar POSIX; Mungkin dapat menyebabkan kondisi kompetisi (race condition) jika sebuah berkas sementara (temporary file) digunakan.
Message queue Kebanyakan sistem operasi
Mailbox Beberapa sistem operasi
Mailslot Windows NT, IBM OS/2


Ada beberapa dari API (Application Programming Interface) yang memungkinkan untuk digunakan untuk IPC. Beberapa platform yang tidak tergantung API termasuk berikut ini:
  • Anonymous pipe dan named pipe
  • Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
  • Freedesktop.org D-Bus
  • Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)
  • Message Bus (MBUS) (dispesifikasikan di RFC 3259)
  • Lightweight Communications and Marshalling (LCM)
  • Unix domain socket
  • Thrift
  • TIPC
  • ZeroC Internet Communications Engine (ICE)